Churches Together in Toddington and Chalgrave (CTTC)

is proud to present a community cinema hosted at Tads Theatre


The Picture House is a not-for-profit community cinema, sponsored by CTTC (Churches Together in Toddington and Chalgrave) as a joint venture with Tads Theatre Group.

Seats are on a first come first served basis. Doors open half an hour before the performance.

Tickets can be bought at Punch Opticians in advance, or at Tads Theatre on the day (subject to availability)

One of the best and easiest ways to help The Picture House is to print off a poster and display it somewhere prominent.

We thank you very much for your support, every poster makes a difference.

Admission charges: £3.00 adults, £2.00 concessions and £1.00 children.
Tickets are available from Punch the Opticians, Toddington
Charity Cinema : Free tickets with an invitation to make a charitable donation.
Free tickets for these charity screenings are available from all the Churches Together churches

We have a great line up of films for 2011 so we thought you would like a sneak preview of the dates and films we are proposing to show. Our general strategy is to try and show films as soon as possible after they are released on the main cinema circuit, but this has its own frustrations in that dates are sometimes put back so please understand if we have to switch one of the films at the last minute. What we will try and do is show that film on another day.

Incidentally we do offer you the opportunity of leaving your contact details when you book your tickets at Punch the opticians and if you do leave your tel. no. or email address we will contact you with information about any programme changes.