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This is the very latest news!
Here is the latest news from Tads Theatre Group

Productions we are working on now!

We are always busy with the next show, here you'll be able to find the latest news etc...

Amazing Award Winning Performances

There have been many productions by Tads Theatre group and here is the place to hopefully find out a little more about them.



Calamity Jonny the Panto, by Tads members.

Calamity Jon the Panto, by Lea Pryer.

A remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Great War (1914-1918).

Adult pantomime first performed in January 2014.

Performed in December 2013.

honkHONK! is the wonderfully endearing story of the ugly duckling who turns into a swan and gets the girl – told with a brilliantly witty script and enjoyable songs that you will go away humming in your head.


The Magic Ring is the 2010 pantomime for TADS Theatre.  Information relating to the cast and a synopsis of the pantomime is available on the site.

When a genius commits a murder, the plan is perfect.

But is it foolproof?

The legendary Inspector Drake is back, to face his greatest ever challenge, as he attempts to unravel a plot with more twists in it than, well, a really twisty thing.

Tads is putting on "Wind In The Willows", a play by John Morley.

Directed by James Sygrove.

Adapted from the original story by Kenneth Graham.

Tads is putting on ‘Road’, a play by Jim Cartwright.

It is a depiction of working class life within a road, showing how people cope with poverty and depression. Saying that, there are several upbeat and comedic parts within this play.

If there ever was a time that a good laugh at life was needed, it's now.

And TADS' next production has a copper-bottomed guarantee to give you more than a 'good laugh'. You'll finish the evening with aching sides and eyes still streaming from laughing.

The case of 'Inspector Drake and The Black Widow' is the ultimate challenge for this legendary detective, for when oil tycoon John Johnson is found with a sword in his back, it looks like a straightforward case of dying illegally. But . . .things in Drake's world are never as they seem. Why was Johnson badly disguised as his own wife? Why had he eaten a tortoise? Why do all the women in the house look similar?

For once, Sergeant Plod thinks he knows all the answers. And so he should. After all, he's relating the events through a series of flashbacks, so he knows how it all ends. But, if Plod is right, the legendary Inspector Drake is about to make a terrible mistake.

And there's something even more disturbing. The trusty Sergeant has been troubled by a recurring nightmare. It's a nightmare involving spiders, and the image of a man lying dead. That man is Inspector Drake. Is this just another confusing flashback? Or the horrible truth of Drake's final destiny?

After all, when the Black Widow lays her deadly trap, it's just a matter of time.

Laughter is good for you, they say, so treat yourself and book your tickets by calling TADS Box Office on: 01525 877707 (Monday - Friday 9.30 am - 5 pm), or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Performances are at TADS Theatre, Conger Lane, Toddington, 17, 18 and 24, 25 April."

Night Must Fall by Emlyn William.

Danny has already murdered one woman, and there is little doubt that he will soon murder another - the aged owner of the house.  He gradually insinuates himself into her affections in a skilful manner, for Dan is a dashing young assassin, a completely self-centered psychopath with no feelings and a vast imagination, who is perpetually acting, for his own edifications, the part of the murderer.  Period 1935.

Red Riding Hood

Written by Jim Fowler and directed by Anne Fowler

Within the village, there lurks an evil individual so unpleasant, so cunning, that no-one is safe. The beast will stop at nothing to achieve his goal….

His goal? To convince the villagers that within the forest, there lurks an evil beast so unpleasant, so cunning, that no-one is safe...

Lord Blackthorne wants to build 50, one bedroom properties on the site of the local forest. He knows his development plans won’t be popular, so he creates a scapegoat… or should that be scapewolf? Blackthorne persuades the locals that the wolf is responsible for the theft of the villagers’ livestock. Along with his inept sidekick Sebastian, Blackthorne attempts to whip the locals into a nervous frenzy to convince them to cut down the forest in a bid to capture the wolf, leaving him in a position to begin his housing development.

However, Blackthorne hasn’t accounted for Red Riding Hood. Having discovered Blackthorne’s intentions, Riding Hood recruits some unlikely allies to help scupper Blackthorne’s plans. Bonkers the Bunny and Lennie the Leprechaun both lend their own style of assistance, much to the frustration of Red Riding Hood.

Meanwhile, Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother, Mandy Valentine, is keen to find a one bedroom house and is quite enthusiastic about Blackthorne’s development plans.

Alas, Mandy Valentine eventually becomes part of Blackthorne’s evil plot as he decides that to finalise his dastardly scheme, Grandmother should receive a visit from “The Big Bad Wolf.”

Escaping by the skin of her teeth, Grandmother assists Red Riding Hood and friends (with the help of the audience) to put paid to Lord Blackthorne’s evil plans and hit him where it hurts.

Deviating from the standard format of Red Riding Hood, Tads Theatre Group, as usual, bring a slightly wacky, 21st Century slant to the classic fairy tale.

Tads TheatreYour Theatre group needs you!

You can help in so many ways, you can sign up to our Newsletter, you can create yourself an account on the Tads website, and of course you can become a new member of Tads Theatre Group.

Tads members are always helping with working parties and anything that is needed for the current production.

And most importantly you are supporting your local theatre group by coming to see the next production.


Thank you for all your support, we wouldn't be here without you!

Steven Pryer


The more you help, the more dynamic our website will be!
General Administration of Tads Theatre Group

General information about TADS Theatre Group.

Here are some trailers of performances by TADS Theatre Group.

Helping you to help us

This website is built so that any TADS member can offer to help with the upkeep of our busy site!

If you'd like to help, or If you have a question that needs answering please feel free to contact the webmaster, who should be able to help.

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Are you aged between 12 and 16 and wish to join a drama group?

Tads Teens

Well, Tads Teens is the answer! The group usually meets at Tads Theatre on Conger Lane, Toddington every Tuesday from 6pm until 7:30pm.

Tads Teens has expanded our group to include young adults and helps them to gain more experience of the wonders of being in an amateur drama group with the key aim to learn about the theatre with 100% fun.

Once a week, the group participates in different activities, such as acting, singing, dancing, set designing, sound and lighting experience. All members are encouraged to participate. However no member is forced to appear on stage in front of an audience, unless they wish to.

General information about Tads Teens

Tads Theatre Group is very pleased to promote other theatre groups in the area, and here is some additional information about these groups

You can also see more information of their recent and upcoming productions for you to go to.

And you can find a list of useful website addresses too!

NODA logoTads Theatre Group is very proud to be affiliated with NODA

This brings many benefits to us for not only do we receive preferential rates for many Theatre visits and insurance, but NODA is a hugely valuable resource in many other ways.

We are very lucky to have the highly regarded Nova Horley come to visit us and critique our shows and this helps us to continue to find higher standards with every production that we do.

This is our area for all things relating to NODA, the National Operatic and Dramatic Association.

Churches Together in Toddington and Chalgrave (CTTC) is proud to present a new community cinema hosted at Tads Theatre

Picture HouseThe Picture House is a not-for-profit community cinema, sponsored by CTTC (Churches Together in Toddington and Chalgrave) as a joint venture with Tads Theatre Group.

Seats are on a first come first served basis. Doors open half an hour before the performance.




  • Adult : £20 for 5 adult vouchers
  • Family 1 : £30 for 5 adult + 5 child vouchers
  • Family 2 : £40 for 5 adult + 10 child vouchers
  • Family 3 : £50 for 5 adult + 15 child vouchers
  • Guest : £20 for 5 additional adult / child vouchers

Once you sign up for one of the above membership schemes you can use these vouchers for any Community Cinema film showing at the Picture House on a first come – first served basis. In the event that any showing is heavily over subscribed we would plan to have another showing of the film so no—one is disappointed.  Details of all films will be notified 4 weeks in advance by email.

Our general strategy is to try and show films as soon as possible after they are released on the main cinema circuit, but this has its own frustrations in that dates are sometimes put back so please understand if we have to switch one of the films at the last minute. What we will try and do is show that film on another day.

Incidentally we do offer you the opportunity of leaving your contact details when you book your tickets at Punch the opticians and if you do leave your tel. no. or email address we will contact you with information about any programme changes.

Questions ? phone Charles Posnett on 01525 873536 or email him on

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.