1, 2, 8 & 9 July 2011

at TADS Theatre, Conger Lane, Toddington

Blood Brothers is the funny, poignant, entertaining and dramatic story of twins separated at birth . . . one brought up by a comfortably situated, middle class (but childless) couple, and one by his divorced, natural mother, who struggles to make ends meet on benefits and the little she can earn from her cleaning job.

Micky and Eddie, unaware that they are brothers, accidentally meet and become close friends.  Despite the efforts of both mothers to keep them apart, they are inexorably drawn by the natural bond embedded within them, and swear a childish oath to remain ‘blood brothers’ until their death. As the years pass and Eddie goes away to University, they become separate . . . only to find, when they meet again, that they have both fallen in love with their childhood playmate, Linda.

Blood Brothers is probably Willy Russell’s most famous and popular play, now running in the West End as a musical.  It is a story of class difference, that questions how our upbringing shapes us as people.  It is brilliantly written, with sharply defined characters that tell a story that is both comic and tragic.

It promises to provide an evening of rich, unmissable theatre, and a fitting end to what has been one of TADS’ most successful seasons.

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